7th Annual Stop For Nikhil Run/Walk - September 17, 2017

The weather forecast was bleak, but that did not deter the more than 800 people that attended the 6th STOP For Nikhil Run/Walk. At one time during the ceremony, the sun came out briefly to show its support! The WOHS football field was covered with runners/walkers sporting the purple STOP For Nikhil T-shirts with the message “Steer Clear of Distractions” and the Foundations tag line “Drive Smart. Save a Life.”

This year's event featured Laura Carney, a writer, an illustrator and an advocate for distracted driving. She lost her father thirteen years ago to a distracted driver. She talked about why it took her ten years to become an advocate three years ago. “It was because the number of people killed by the cause of his death had multiplied in that time. Now I don't feel alone having lost someone this way, and that's a terrible thing.”

This year's Nikhil Badlani Inspiration Award was given to Amara Riccio for her determination to survive, rebuild her life and help others in need. Amara was hit by a car right before her 13th birthday. She was hit so hard that she was thrown 12-feet in the air. She was in a coma for nine days and then PICU and while she was in the hospital she had a stroke. Amara read a poem that she wrote in honor of Nikhil. She stole everyone's heart with her positive spirit and high energy. Amara has learned to redirect her creative energy from many years of dance and acrobatics training to helping others.

There were fifteen exhibitors sharing information about traffic safety, health & fitness to organ donation. Some exhibitors offered the participants an opportunity to receive free massage and free weekly passes to their centers. There were many fun activities for kids.

It was a great day had by all and the foundation raised over $52,000 to continue to fund their programs in traffic safety, and to provide music and academic scholarship to children.

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The 8th Annual Stop For Nikhil Run/Walk will be held on Sunday, September 16, 2018 at WOHS.

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