About Nikhil   Remembering Nikhil

Nikhil was a talented, fun-loving, caring and compassionate 11 year old boy who loved life and lived it to the fullest. He was eager to learn and always excelled in school. He was creative and expressed himself in music and theater. Most of all, his curiosity led him to constantly explore the world around him, always with a smile on his face.

His friends and family remember Nikhil not just as a straight-A student and a gifted musician, but a loyal and loving young man, and one who was always ready and willing to help others. His smile was infectious, and his sweetness was remarkable. During the short time he was with us, Nikhil truly touched the hearts of everyone he met.

From Nikhil’s Family
Sangeeta Badlani (Nikhil's Mom)

“Nikhil was a perfect kid that any mom would want. He gave his all to everything. He loved to play his trumpet, and a few weeks before the accident had been accepted to play in the Youth Orchestra of Essex County Orchestra, Juniors. His achievement inspired us to offer music lessons to children who are gifted and talented but do not have the means to pay for training outside of school. Nikhil is irreplaceable.”

Sunil Badlani (Nikhil's Dad)

“Nikhil spoke very passionately about how some drivers did not respect the rules of the road. A few hours before on the day of the accident, Nikhil had commented on how a driver was speeding and weaving. It’s unfortunate that a few hours later he was a victim of a road accident. His loss cannot be in vain and should be an awakening to all the drivers on the road. My goal is to spread the message to drivers everywhere to take their role behind the wheel seriously, that STOP means STOP.”

Anay Badlani

Anay is Nikhil’s younger brother and was only 6 when he lost his older brother and hero. He has a mischievous smile and Nikhil’s zest for life. He never passes up a chance to get his hands on an unguarded iphone or iPad to play games. Anay’s passion is soccer which he loved to play with his brother, whom he admired greatly and misses dearly.

  “Without you, the Future is less bright! You are a cherished member of my HAP class. You are a role model. You will be missed” -
Mr. Favetta, 6th grade HAP teacher
“You were all I could ask for as a friend and more. We were always best friends and nothing less. This tragedy took your life but we will never forget you.”
Logan, a friend since the first day of Kindergarten
“You were a talented trumpet player, an aspiring actor, a leader and a scholar – straight ‘A’s’. You were the type of kid that teachers loved to have in their class – always smiling and respectful. You will certainly be missed but not forgotten. Your band room cubby will remain vacant bearing your name tag: Nikhil Badlani, Trumpet, Pd 6-0”
Mr. Romano, 6th grade band teacher
“I miss you! You were the best friend ever. You would’ve gone on to do spectacular things. You would’ve succeed at anything you tried. I will never forget you! Hopefully we will meet again! -
Izzy, classmate
“I know I am supposed to be the teacher yet I have learned so much from you and the way you lived your life.”
Mrs. Racanelli, 6th grade art and drama teacher
“You were one of the best friends I ever had”
Matthew, classmate
“I never got a chance to tell you that I came to the SHOW!! You were AMAZING!! I mean it! Natural, Funny, Great Character, just like you! I am sorry that I won’t get to see you on stage again but you will always be on stage with me whenever and wherever I perform. Thank you for giving me such light!”
Garth Kravits, a friend and a Broadway actor