Musical Celebration

The 4th Annual Musical Celebration and Tribute to Nikhil was again a magnificient performance by the students and instructores. The event was held at the Liberty Middle School on June 9, 2015. There were approximately 60 performers and another 200+ in the audience. The evening was emceed by funny duo Josephine Kravits and Zeke Timen.

As per tradition, the concert was kicked off by Anay Badlani, Nikhil's brother with a moving rendition of Sea Voyages by Mary Leaf. This was the last song that Nikhil was learning and practiced hours before his demise.

Some of the high school student's have now been part of the program for 4 years and their growth and maturity was self evident. Examples of this were heard in the performance of The Swan a composition by Saint Saens that was performed by Bibiane Marc on flute accompanied by Mark Timmerman on piano, or the rendition of Eine Kline Nachtmusik by Brianne Douglas on bassoon, Bibiane on flute and Rachel Pierre and Laurie Delinois on oboe or the brilliance on the trumpet by Andrew Bazan and Fabiola Etienne or the sublime performance of Duke Ellington's In a Sentimental Mood performed by Paulo Rojas and Arriving Soon performed by the "Three Altos" - Zeke Timen, Kevin Zeligson and Bryce Millington.

Not to be outdone the Middle schoolers also thrilled the audience with a series of virtuso performances that was followed by Uptown Funk performed by "Friends of Nikhil" and pieces from Beethoven performed by the Music for Nikhil Ensemble who also performed at the Prelude Concert at the NJPAC on June 6, 2015. The night ended with a rendition of "I'll be there featuring vocalists Divya Anand, Josephine Kravits and Andrew Scheib accompanied by the entire Music For Nikhil band composed of all the students, instructors and guest performers.

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