Traffic Safety Awareness
Did you know?

Number of people that died from traffic fatalities (32,367) is comparable to people who died from

  • Breast cancer (41,271)
  • Leukemia (22,982)
  • Hypertensive heart (33,383)

National preliminary data for year 2011, Source: NHTSA, CDC (Preliminary 2011)

Science is years away from discovering cures for these diseases,
but we can prevent automobile accidents right NOW!!

Our Safety Initiatives

We are committed to saving lives by raising traffic safety awareness and will:

  • Host STOP for Nikhil Run/Walk annually and spread the message that “STOP means stop
  • Seek pledges from drivers to drive safely
  • Educate high school students in Essex County on distracted driving and its deadly ramifications
Our Accomplishments so far...
  • Hosted four STOP For Nikhil run/walk events to raise awareness to traffic safety issues. Over 600 people attended the event each year.
  • Over 1000 drivers have taken the Stop For Nikhil Safety Pledge.
  • Hosted a Driver's Ed workshop to approximately 1,650 students from West Orange, Nutley and Westfield High Schools.
  • Created artwork on traffic safety by engaging students from West Orange, Nutley and Bloomfield High School. NBF will create traffic safety artwork with three other schools in the academic year 2014-15
  • Partnered with NJ Transit to display posters of the artwork created by high school students in the NJ transit buses, Hudson-Bergen Light rail and stations throughout Essex County in May 2014, The National Youth Traffic Safety Month, delivering the message "Drive Smart. Save a Life." to thousands of people.
  • Donated 30 reflector strips with imprints of “Drive Smart. Save a Life.” to West Orange, Maplewood and South Orange Police Departments, in hopes of reducing car crashes at intersections. NBF will donate 30 more signs in December 2014.
  • Partnered with the Brain Injury Alliance of NJ to raise traffic safety awareness in teens by sponsoring the U Got Brains School Champions Program for the last three years since 2012.
  • Helped secure a driving simulator for Driver's Ed classes at the WOHS through the U Got Brains School Champions Program
  • Working on passage of "Nikhil’s Law", sponsored by Assemblyman John McKeon, Charles Mainor and Mila Jasey. "Nikhil’s Law” would require the Commissioner of the Motor Vehicle Commission to expand the driver’s license examination to include a question asking whether the applicant is aware of the dangers of failing to follow NJ’s motor vehicle traffic laws and whether they are aware that they have the option to take the STOP for Nikhil Safety Pledge. So far the bill has been unanimously passed by the Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee and is working its way through the State Assembly and Senate.